Healing Katrina and Beyond


Healing Katrina And Beyond

Healing Yoga 11 am – 12 pm

Start your day with a healing yoga class with Dmitri Khorov. Focus your breathing and move through the mind/body/spirit of a healing yoga practice. This class is designed to open your awareness through gentle movements.

Free Community Care 12:30 pm – 4 pm

Balance Integrative Health offers FREE COMMUNITY CARE

Chris DesJardins, LPC,NCC,CCTP

Jesyka Bartlett, RMT

Noell Eanes, Mac, RYT, ACA

Chris, Noell and Jesyka will guide conversations about our memories of Katrina. They will discuss why and how our brains store trauma the way they do. They will discuss and teach ways to process and clear what we have not moved past yet. These practitioners, and others, will introduce and demonstrate methods and skills from their areas of expertise to help each of us honor the past that lead us here while freeing ourselves for the promising future ahead for each of us.

Meditation 4 pm- 4:30pm

End the day with a quite meditation in honor of Katrina lead by Dmitri Khorov


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