Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique


Sunday, February 28th 1pm-2pm

Also known as “tapping,” Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT has been called the “emotional version of acupuncture.”

Developed by Gary Craig, EFT has been used to clear very physical symptoms based on the premise that emotions and their connection to the body create blockages in energy flow. We all experience this when we feel “stress” and get a nervous stomach or tense shoulders. By tapping on acupuncture points and addressing emotions as they release, the energy in the body begins to flow. The body will tend to heal itself when energy is flowing. Success stories from EFT include relief from PTSD, fibromyalgia, back pain, IBS, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

Learn the basics of this technique from our acupuncturist Noell Eanes, M.Ac. during this sliding-scale fee class! Bring a friend, and pay what you can. See you there!

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