Headaches & Migraines

Suffering from chronic headaches can inhibit our creativity, productivity and general enjoyment of life. Those who suffer from migraines know all too well how limiting they can be on even the smallest of tasks.

Our priority is your well-being and health. Alternative treatment options at Balance Integrative Health are Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses herbal remedies, teas and evaluation of dietary habits to diminish or solve headache pain. Acupuncture Treatment is an excellent remedy for immediate pain relief. Individual or classroom instruction on Meditation can greatly minimize headaches and migraine occurrences. Craniosacral Massage is a treatment that can reduce stress, migraines and neck and back pain. As some headaches are food borne, Nutritional Counseling may be an option to evaluate your diet and steer you to the path of recovery.

Our staff Primary Care Physician can also examine you, schedule testing and offer treatment solutions that you are comfortable with.

Whatever the reason, we have the resources to evaluate and treat your pain. Please call us today for an appointment.


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