Integrative Medicine


Integrative Medicine incorporates treatment options from western and eastern approaches, taking into account not only physical symptoms, but also psychological and social aspects of health and illness.

Our efforts are to treat the whole person- Mind and body, all at the same time to help you live a happier healthier life.

Conventional Medicine

Manage disease

Treat symptoms

Fix problems

Hi-tech, biomedical solutions


When needed

Relies on patient

Directed by physician

Integrative Medicine

Manage disease & optimize health

Treat symptoms and the underlying cause

Fix problems & minimize risk

Hi-tech, hi-touch, whole person approaches

Reactive & proactive, promotes prevention

Whole lifetime

Supportive of patient

Partnership of patient, physician & team of clinical experts

*Source: Duke Medicine

Integrative Medicine – Balance Integrative Health New Orleans

Treatment plans at Balance Integrative Health combine both conventional medicine and complementary therapies.

Good Medicine is based on Good Science

Technological breakthroughs in science in the last decade have convinced even skeptics that the mind-body connection is real. Physicians and academic researchers finally have the science to understand the connection between the brain and the immune system, emotions and disease.

While some of the therapies used may sometimes be unconventional, a guiding principle within integrative medicine is to use therapies that have some high-quality evidence to support them. Medical students are being taught to think in an integrated way about the patient, and ultimately, that will improve the management of illness at all levels.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Our practitioners have a passion for preventing illness and optimizing health. We work under the premise that the client and the practitioner are partners. We are both making proactive efforts to provoke change for the highest levels of health and wellness.

Start your journey to better long-term health with us. At Balance Integrative Health you’ll feel nurtured and cared for so you can regain your strength, courage and joy for living.


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