Karina Pivik, Yoga Instructor

Karina is a 500hr certified hatha yoga instructor trained in Bali, Indonesia.  She is drawn to self-healing through awareness, movement and purity, thus the study of yoga.  Karina spent several months abroad in Southeast Asia studying to understand the differences between eastern and western approaches to medicine.  Yoga therapy introduces yoga to people with different aliments both physical and mental and works to heal the body from the inside out.

Her group and private classes are focused on the physical and mental benefits of yoga therapy.   Each class varies slightly within the physical postures, however every class will restore the body, correct alignment, build strength and create balance.  Mentally yoga will calm the mind, create awareness, build confidence and bring inner peace.  The classes are all level friendly, centered around common themes such as:  regulating sleep patterns, digestion, circulation, adrenal levels and more.

Karina allows space for personal attention and plenty of adjustments in a welcoming judgment free environment.  She encourages students to listen their body, to regulate their breath, to connect the mind, body and spirit in every class.

Contact Karina directly at Karina Marie Yoga

or call her at (504) 388-3631