Pain Management

Managing chronic pain through prescription medication can be challenging. Besides the potential side effects, there is the risk of falling prey to dependency.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses nonaddictive herbal medicine for the reduction of inflammatory and nerve pain. Acupuncture can often be an effective treatment for pain management.

Massage Therapy is beneficial in promoting overall relaxation while targeting affected areas associated with deep rooted pain. We are certified in Medical Massage which allows us to perform massage therapy prescribed by and at the directive of your physician.

Meditation is yet another way to manage and overcome chronic pain. Our staff can work with you individually or in a class setting to help you take your focus away from your pain.

The source of your pain can also be properly diagnosed by our Primary Care Physician. From there, we can guide you as to the best treatment options.

We might also prescribe a natural remedy from our Green Pharmacy – our natural pharmacy specializing in natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs.

To learn more about how we can help you manage pain, call us today for an appointment.


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