Premenstrual Syndrome

Otherwise known as PMS, premenstrual syndrome has a variety of symptoms, both physical and emotional. For many young women, it can be the most dreaded part of the cycle.  After careful diagnosis, we will explore treatment options that best suit you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven to be effective in the treatment of PMS with herbal formulas and lifestyle analysis. Acupuncture Treatment is commonly used to stimulate the imbalances in the body and create positive energy flow. Nutritional Counseling may also be beneficial to learn how the body reacts to certain foods at various times during the menstrual cycle.

An evaluation with our staff Primary Care Physician may also be a step to better health and well-being.

We might also prescribe a natural remedy from our Green Pharmacy – our natural pharmacy specializing in natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs.

PMS isnʼt something that you have to experience month after month. Call us today to start getting your symptoms under control.


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