IV Therapies

IV therapy simply stands for Intravenous therapy. The treatment involves injecting fluids into the veins. The fluid solutions may vary depending on situation, but are mostly water based. IV therapies allow for an almost immediate reaction in which the body can return to normal functioning and restored balance. A few uses of intravenous therapy include influenza, hepatitis, heart disease, cancer, detoxification, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.


This type of therapy can be used for mild to severe cases of dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, fluid including water and salts, called electrolytes, is lost from the body. IV therapy can replenish storage of electrolytes and restore balance to the body.

Basic Vitamin

A Basic Vitamin IV is a method of feeding basic vitamins, minerals and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. This mixture contains basic vitamins for overall health and wellness.

Vitamin+Amino Acids or Extra Vitamins

After our practitioners are able to pinpoint your problem areas, your injection will be tailored to your particular issue. You may have a vitamin deficiency or need extra doses of vitamins or amino acids to combat illness.

Anti Nausea or Pain

Many medications can be administered intravenously. This IV aims to help reduce pain and nausea in the client. We may use prescribed medications or natural substances, or a combination of the two. The prescription is personalized based on client need and level of comfort.

*The number of treatments required varies by person and condition.  Some conditions improve after a treatment or two while others require several treatments for maximum affect and long-lasting benefits.

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