Massage is one of the most common ways to reduce stress. It is a complementary medicine technique that involves gentle kneading of soft tissues in the body.

We have the capability to offer any of the massages below. At Balance Integrative Health, we will customize your session to fit your personal needs. Any or all therapies listed below may be integrated into your treatment.

Leave feeling de-stressed and deeply relaxed in a natural state of well-being.

Massage – Balance Integrative Health New Orleans

Sinus Massage

This treatment focuses on the face, head & neck and helps relieve sinus pain & congestion. It also helps promote sinus drainage.

Detoxifying Massage

We employ massage movements that will increase your circulation and decongest pores for the release of toxins. This technique improves circulation systematically to allow good nutrient supply to tissues.

Hand Massage

Hands contain reflexology points that correspond to many different points on the body, including neck, mouth, noise, eyes and ears. A hand massage may help relieve headache pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, broken bones and sprains or even your ability to reach “deep” sleep.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This technique focuses on intense muscle manipulation to break up and release toxins as well as the removal of tension and chronic knots. It is used to target the deep tissue structure of the fascia muscles, referred to as connective tissue. This massage is recommended for treatment of specific areas of pain, usually caused by accidents or training & athletic injuries.

Therapeutic/Medical Massage

We are a Medical Massage Certified Facility. This massage comes prescribed by your physician or performed following the directives of your physician.

Back/Neck/Scalp Massage

Back, neck and scalp massages are some of the most common massage therapies used.  Massaging the scalp can help stimulate nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin while reliving tension in the head. Moving down the neck can help relieve tension caused by hunching your shoulders over a keyboard or work surface or problems associated with bad posture. Back massage therapy can significantly reduce back pain and spasms and help increase mobility of joints. These treatments can be used in combination or stand on their own. All three have proven effects of body relaxation, stress relief and pain reduction.

CranioSacral Massage

Restore the natural position of your bones in your head through gentle massage. This treatment will help relieve stress, migraines and neck and back pain.


Points on your hands, feet and ears correspond to specific muscle groups or organs in the body. We apply gentle pressure to these points to help reduce stress, relive tension and increase circulation. This will help you to achieve a state of deep relaxation and homeostasis.


Using natural oils found in flowers, bark, roots and other plants, this treatment will aid in pain relief, mood enhancement and overall cognitive functioning. The inhalation of these oils stimulates brain function for increased psychological and physiological well-being.

Foot Massage

An effective tool in helping overall relaxation and tension relief, foot massage can also decrease nausea, pain and post-operative stress and anxiety. Many of the sensory nerves of your internal organs are in your feet and can be stimulated by using massage to send energy to them.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment uses heated stones to relax your muscles so our therapist can work on deeper layers of tissue. This therapy can alleviate pain, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage

This Japanese form of bodywork, also known as a form of acupressure, uses the fingers to apply pressure at specific points on the body. Applying pressure along these points and relaxing the body will help manipulate your energy flow back into balance and help treat many different spiritual, physical and emotional ailments.

Visceral Therapy

This therapy is used to locate and solve problems throughout the body by encouraging your own natural mechanisms to improve organ function, dissipate negative effects of stress and enhance mobility.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage (also known as Thai Yoga) is used to facilitate and promote a harmonious state of being. It is a form of bodywork where the therapist gently assists clients into asanas (postures) and works to bring consciousness to the energy lines of the body, called sen in Thai. The session allows the client to be fully-clothed, no undressing/draping required.

This healing art can be considered effective forms of: traction and decompression of the skeleton, dynamic physical stretching, Chinese Meridian stretching, conditioning the nerves, a form of orthopedic and osteopathic physical therapy, a form of athletic and performance enhancement, somatic education and somatic re-education, neuromuscular therapeutic treatment for pain and suffering, balancing the doshas (as defined by classical Indian Ayurveda), and co-facilitated Hatha Yoga. That is just to list a few!

Some benefits of Thai Yoga include: relaxation, reduction of pain, reduction of swelling/edema, increased range of motion, management of stress, passive exercise, enhanced mind/body connection, evaluation of soft tissue status, preparation for exercise, detoxification of soft tissue, maintenance of general health. Furthermore, there are no mechanical devices used and no side effects. In Thai Yoga, we simply use the whole body to treat the whole body.

Everyone can benefit from Thai Yoga. There are no restrictions of any age; anyone from the very young to the elderly can achieve great benefit from this practice. Younger or more active persons can achieve added tonifying and strengthening of the muscles. Older clients can achieve added vitality to their lives, combating the degenerative effects of aging.


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