Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition refers to the selection and preparation of food, as well as digestion in the body. Nature provides all the vitamins and minerals we need in order to live long healthy lives.  By practicing a healthy diet, many known health issues can be avoided.

Our goal is to help you to find balance in your nutrition and food choices. We work in partnership with our patients to create the diet and lifestyle needed to feel better and live happier.

Initial Consult

During your initial consult we will discuss your current food habits and lifestyle. We will determine areas in which we can affect change for your overall health and wellness.

Follow Up Consult

During these consults we will look at specific problems and modify diet to treat any current health issues.

Phone Consult

These consults are typically short and address specific questions and concerns for our existing patients.

Grocery Store Visit

Discover what is healthy and what to avoid in your local grocery store. Our practitioner will walk through the store, aisle by aisle, pointing out good choices for a well balanced diet.

Pantry Evaluation

We treat this visit as an in-home assessment. We come to your home and take a tour of your kitchen, refrigerator and pantry.  Our practitioner will make recommendations and suggestions for improvements in products and kitchen tools to help achieve your goals. We will discuss menu planning and shopping techniques. This step is truly a lesson in nutritional living.


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