Stress…Good or Bad?

Have you ever wondered about the effects of stress on the human body? Most people can relate to stressors in their lives that were difficult to handle or even surpass. Thus it is easy to conclude that stress is bad. However it can be a positive, motivating influence in our daily lives. So stress is good. How then, do you know if the stress youʼre experiencing is good or bad? Weʼre here to help you understand the difference and identify when our services might be helpful to each unique situation.

Think about a time when you experienced anxiety in preparing for a vacation. This is the type of stress that gives us excitement and the energy to make sure that our trip checklist is completed; that all at home is in order while weʼre away; and that everything we need to have a pleasant time is taken care of. And then at the point when the car, weighted down with all the luggage and several last minute items, is rolling out of the driveway do we breath that sigh of relief and are able to begin enjoying our adventure. The type of stress that youʼve just experienced is called Eustress.
Another scenario could be taking care of a disabled family member or elderly parent. While some would find this to be a daunting task, for others it might be the thing that gives purpose in their lives. There are stressors in our lives that actually propel us to get up in the morning and lead purposeful lives.

Eustress is not the stress that makes us ill or unable to function. It is, in fact, the stress that allows us to perform daily activities, reach our aspirations and even feel a sense of accomplishment.

Unlike Eustress, we can be faced with chores, expectations or even personalities that can have a negative effect on our ability to coexist in our homes, workplace and society. Stress that becomes too difficult to bear is defined as Distress. If the stress of planning for vacation was so severe that you were unable to enjoy yourself then your time off from work might be better served by staying closer to home. Likewise, if taking care of your loved one has a negative and limiting effect on your lifestyle, you could be suffering from Distress. When stress is unmanageable, we feel the negative effects in our mood, physical ability, coping skills, all which could lead to mental and physical ailments.

So now that you know that some stress is good, you may feel better about whatʼs going on in your life. When stress becomes a concern, Balance Integrative Health can help you sort through it all and get you back on path to an enjoyable vacation; or whatever life is handing you.

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