The BIH Difference

Balance Integrative Health (BIH) was created on the foundation of not only helping patients manage pain and disease, but also promoting wellness and working to prevent illness in the future.

Lena Sendik, Founder and Owner, has always been a part of the Healthcare system through schooling and occupation. She has worked in hospital administration, private and group practices and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. In the last decade, she began to notice a change in the tone of conversation. When it came to healthcare, a lot of patients, physicians and staff felt insurance companies held their fate in their hands.

Lena set out to open a clinic to help patients achieve a healthy balance in life as well as in personal healthcare options. After studying healthcare models in other states and throughout the world, she noticed they focused on personalized and individualized care. Those models work because patients partner with healthcare staff in order to develop a working relationship. The focus is on working together to return to a healthy state of being and then maintaining it.

This Integrative model allows patients to participate in their own treatment plan and provides choices based on recommendations from a variety of healthcare professionals. These professionals provide services from all aspects of healthcare: both traditional and “alternative”. These complementary services are blended together individually, on a case-by-case basis, to heal the underlying cause of patient discomfort as well as treating the initial symptoms.

One of the most important features of this model is that insured services are blended with out of pocket services. This provides healthcare options for many different people. It also allows patients a higher level of empowerment regarding their treatment.

Lena continues to work towards building affordable healthcare for those that need it. She is dedicated to offering services that promote wellness and help patients achieve the balance needed for a more enjoyable life.