Breast Health and Acupuncture

We all have cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in our bodies right now, but many of us will never develop the disease of cancer. Why? Because our body’s immune system routinely detects and destroys malignancies before they ever take hold.

Sometimes our defenses break down and can’t react effectively. Factors such as genetic predisposition, chronic stress, depression, diet and lifestyle may contribute to this breakdown. One way to re-engage and re-train our immune system to help prevent and even eliminate cancer is through Acupuncture.

The needles, used in key areas, act as foreign ‘invaders” that stimulate the brain’s signal to “light-up” immune cells. Frequency of treatments and timing are crucial for good results. While Acupuncture can help treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, it works best before (when the body doesn’t have to work as hard to overcome the harsh effects of these treatments) and immediately after surgery (before the cancer cells get a chance to spread).

One point used for breast health is Conception Vessel (CV) 17, called Tan Zhong, which translates as “The Central Altar”. Located over the sternum at the 4th intercostal space, this point has been long held as the the “secret point” identified by Taoists as the source of blood in a woman’s body. Stimulating CV17 (often done with Moxa, a warming herb that is rolled and burned over the point) increases and purifies the woman’s blood supply (thereby cleansing all the female channels), benefits the liver, and is considered a key point for early stage breast cancer. Early detection is key!

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