The Importance of Self-Improvement

When we are busy, perhaps the last thing we think of is self-improvement. Life gets hectic and at times it becomes challenging to just maintain the status quo, let alone aiming to improve ourselves. The benefits of self-improvement are numerous, and can make dealing with daily life that much easier.

It doesn’t matter so much what you do, as long as you decide to pursue something: what would you like to improve that will make your life more enjoyable for yourself and those around you? It’s natural and healthy to seek success, comfort, enjoyment, creative expression, physical and mental health, connection, respect, love, self-actualization, and spiritual development.
One thing to keep in mind as we pursue self-improvement is to aspire without attachment. In the book Just One Thing by Rick Hanson, PhD, he stresses the importance of “outer effort and inner peacefulness” as we pursue our goals. The key is allowing ourselves to be rewarded by the journey itself no matter the outcome.

Cultivating that sense of non-attachment, however, can be challenging in our outcome-driven society. One of the things that helps with accomplishing the ability to do that is incorporating some stress-relieving activities into our lives so that we can disengage from the feeling of constant striving.
We offer many different stress-relieving treatments here at Balance Integrative Health. Acupuncture is an amazing stress-relieving and balancing modality, along with our personalized aromatherapy massages. Thai yoga massage and cranio-sacral therapy can also work wonders. Come in or call us for more information and to book your session with our talented practitioners!

We also are having two classes in November on Infinite Possibilities and the Art of Changing Your Life and Living Your Dreams. This will be a great class for those striving for self-improvement. You can check out all the information here.