Psoriasis: A Personal Story and A Remedy

I have been battling psoriasis since I was 17. When I was first diagnosed, there wasn’t much in the way of studies done. All the information known was that for some reason, the skin cell growth rate was accelerated, and that it was not communicable.

Thankfully, we know a lot more. One thing we know now is that anxiety and stress are linked to serious outbreaks. Certain foods can cause outbreaks as well.  With a change of diet, outbreaks can be minimized. There are breakthrough therapies in both Eastern and Western Medicine. Most can be found with a few strokes of a keyboard.

As a psoriasis sufferer myself, I am often challenged. Once I have a breakout, it’s hard to fight from just the inside.  Many topical solutions prescribed by Dermatologists are very expensive.

With questions of whether our insurance covers the doctor’s prescription, or what to wear so the outbreak won’t be seen at work are everyday struggles.  All these issues cause the very disheartening problems we face.

I have a personal stake in this with you.  After many years and trials, I have created a Scrub that helps.  These simple ingredients, carefully combined, help to exfoliate the dead skin cells, while soothing the area so as not to further agitate it.


Product Use- Product name- Pallas Psoriasis Scrub sold ONLY at Balance Integrative Health-25$

For a severe outbreak:

1) shake or stir the scrub to get all the ingredients reconstituted.

2) take a warm-not hot-wash cloth and pat the area till it becomes supple.

3) scoop a fair amount into hands

4) gently, in a circular pattern, rub the scrub onto the area till it’s well covered.

5) Let it dry and keep on for 5-10 minutes.

6) take a fresh warm washcloth to wipe it off.

If the outbreak covers a lot of mass, sit in a dry bathtub; cover whole body with the scrub, wait about 5-10 minutes, then shower off.  SO NOT USE ANY SOAP OR PRODUCT. I Pat dry- Then apply Olive Oil to the area to finish.

Frequency of use: Use at your discretion. For a severe outbreak use every other day. For maintainence use once a weekly.

I hope my scrub helps you as it has me.

Good Luck!  Pallas Romaguera  LMT LA0691