How To Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things we can do for our lungs, body, mind and spirit. Within just a few weeks after quitting, our lung tissue begins to repair. The first couple of weeks after quitting can be the most challenging. Detoxification symptoms like headache and irritability only last a few days, but the longer term psychological impact can be harder to get through. We talked about how acupuncture and herbs can help you to detoxify and reduce cravings in our Healthy Lung blog post. Now here are some more great tips to help you stay on track!

Create Your Why:  The first step in achieving anything is wanting to! “It’s bad for me” is too vague a reason to quit for most of us, so whether it’s for your family, to look and feel younger, to save money, whatever…personalize your motivation.

Create Your Reward:  Use that money you’ll be saving by not smoking on healthy ways to treat yourself like regular massages, acupuncture, yoga, healthy cooking, or that meditation class you’ve been wanting to take! I have a friend who long dreamt of going on a trip to Thailand.  He decorated a jar with pictures of all the things he wanted to do and see there. Every week, he put the money he would have spent on cigarettes in the jar, and in just a little over a year, he had saved more than enough money for his dream trip!

Create Your Happy Place:  Identify, then avoid your triggers (think about when you want to smoke the most… is it a companion to alcohol or coffee? Or do certain times of day, places or people trigger you? Find pleasurable activities to indulge in instead, especially one that gets you outdoors and moving, like gardening or walking.  At work and can’t get away? Take a deep breath break. Take a veggie break! Studies have shown that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables actually make cigarettes taste worse.

Create Your Buddy System:  Don’t go it alone! If you can, find a quitting buddy to enjoy non-smoking activities with or join a support group like Any endeavor is easier when you have support.

Most importantly, in the words of Winston Churchill, never, never, never give up! Backslides will happen and are part of the process. Don’t beat yourself, just pick up where you left off, review your previous strategies and see where you can make improvements.

We offer a special smoking cessation package featuring Acupuncture and Stop Smoking herbal tincture. Get started on your path to a smoke-free life and schedule your appointmentor call (504) 522-9645 for more information.

Also, Watch this inspiring slide-show about how quickly our bodies can repair:…/quit-smoking-timeline