Yoga: An Introduction

Yoga seems to be increasing in its popularity with every passing month, and this month in particular is dedicated to spreading awareness about the practice of yoga.

The word “yoga” actually means union. This definition of union could mean union of body, mind, and spirit within an individual as well as union with all of life. The practice of yoga is much more than what we commonly practice as a form of exercise, as “asanas,” or poses. It is a set of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that are geared for transformation.

Some of the incredible transformations one can experience when practicing yoga occur at the cellular level: a Norwegian study found that yoga practice results in changes in gene expression that boosts immunity. Other physical benefits include fewer headaches and migraines, improved sleep, improved sexual health, reduction in back pain, increased flexibility, better posture and more.

The mental and emotional benefits of yoga include a greater sense of calm, increased self-confidence, and improved resiliency. I actually “prescribe” yoga to some of my clients, since it is a wonderful way to have a body understanding of some of the mental struggles they may have in daily life. Especially in our great city of New Orleans where the idea of moderation can sound foreign, yoga is a great physical way to cultivate that feeling of moderation so when we go out into the world of excess, we can safely navigate our way through.

If you are new to yoga or intimidated by the idea of attending a class, we offer Thai yoga massage. Thai yoga massage is done one-on-one with a practitioner, and is an amazing gateway into the world of yoga. It is a modality that incorporates the tenets of yoga with massage and mindfulness. You will leave the session with a better understanding of how your body moves, increased flexibility and confidence to pursue yoga on your own. If you are a seasoned yogi or yogini, Thai yoga is an incredible way to feel completely supported as you move through the poses while you relax and increase your flexibility. Give us a call today to find out more and book your session.